Salon of Wondering and Responsibilities

In cooperation with the Lothringer13

Navid Kermani, Manos Tsangaris, Daniel Ott and guests

The author Navid Kermani and the artistic directors of the Biennale, Daniel Ott and Manos Tsangaris, are extending an invitation on six evenings at a late hour for people to come to a "Salon of Wondering and Responsibilities" at Lothringer Strasse. There people will speak and perform music, read, and perhaps also sing; if everything isn´t possible, then many things are possible, and many things have to happen. There will also be guests who will bring "private matters" with them, and artists from the Biennale productions and from Munich. Every evening will be different, but at the conclusion of every evening there will be a toast made with the audience to the day that has just passed. On the seventh evening Navid Kermani and Manos Tsangaris, who have been living in the same building in Clogne for thirty years, will enter into a literary-musical dialogue about their own "private matters" during a "Special Salon".

Cast & credits

Navid Kermani, Manos Tsangaris, Daniel Ott and guests


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