The international platforms of the Munich Biennale

The Munich Biennale has been organizing regular international Biennale platforms since 2013. These platforms are laboratories for scenic-musical projects connected to a mobile and location-specific music theater concept that reflects society. The work approach of this platform concept questions the connections and traditional relationships of composition, production, storytelling, authorship, and performance location. From the very beginning, projects, works, and material are developed and discussed by a team with a common interest in formal issues and contents. These platforms are the essential providers of impulses for the program of the Munich Biennale and reflect the respective festival themes suggested by the team of artistic directors.

Plattform Munich 2013/2014


Beaulieu, Pauline, Director
Bertermann, Jil, Stage design
Carnevali, Davide, Autor, Writer
Cohen, Deville, Bildende Arts/video
Fandel, Tobias, Pianist
Farace, Ariel, Writer
Fennessy, David , Composer
Füsti, Anja, Interpreter
Grammel, Christian, Director
Haensler, Stephanie, Composer
Hülcker, Neele, Composer
Hummel, Judith, Interpreter
Inamori, Yasutaki , Composer

Kranabetter, Isabelle, Dramaturgy
Leinfelder, Yvonne, Arts/Video
Mahler, Anna-Sophie, Director
Muntendorf, Brigitta, Composer
Murguia, Hugo Morales, Composer
Öllinger, Johannes, Interpreter
Ortmann, Katharina, Dramaturgy
Price, Meriel, Saxophon, Arts
Rebgetz, Damian, Interpreter
Tropper, Elisabeth, Dramaturgy
van Eck, Cathy, Composer
von Lilienstern , Genoël , Composer

Mentors & Partners

Daniel Ott
Manos Tsangaris
Malte Ubenauf
Isabel Mundry
Marion Hirte
Robyn Schulkowsky
Cathy Milliken
Dietmar Wiesner
Penelope Wehrli

Landeshauptstadt München Kulturreferat

Plattform Bern 2014


Till Wyler von Ballmoos, Director
Tassilo Tesche, Scene
Benedikt Schiefer, Composer
Kristian Hverring, Sounddesign
Benjamin von Bebber, Text/Concept/Play
Leo Hoffmann, Composer
Leonie Böhm , Dramaturgy

Mathieu Corajod, Composer
Simon Dietersdorfer, Play
Laura Livers, Piano 
Daniel Hellmann, Vocals/Play
Lena Kiepenheuer, Vocals
Julien Mégroz, Drums 
Nicolas von Ritter, Composer 
Marie Schmitt, Violoncello
Irene Galindo Quero, Composer

Mentors & Partners

Katja Bury
Xavier Dayer
Ludger Engels
Peter Kraut
Cathy Milliken
Daniel Ott
Albrecht Puhlmann
Matthias Rebstock
Francoise Rivalland
Pierre Sublet
Malte Ubenauf

Hochschule der Künste Bern
Konzert Theater Bern
Münchener Biennale

Plattform Buenos Aires 2015


Liliana Albornoz, Lima, Peru Performance/Theatre
Magdalena Arau, La Plata, Argentina Film
Ignacio Bartolone, Buenos Aires, Argentina Theatre
Franco Bridarolli, Córdoba, Argentina Composer
Juan Coulasso, Buenos Aires, Argentina Theatre
Felipe De Almeida Ribeiro, Curitiba, Brasil Composer
Ariel Farace, Buenos Aires, Argentina Theatre
Pablo Garretón Izquierdo, Santiago, Chile Composer
Michelle Moura, Curitiba, Brasil Dance
Fernando Ocampo, México, Santiago, Chile Architecture/Theatre
Valentín Pelisch, Buenos Aires, Argentina Composer
Alan Poma, Lima, Peru Sound Art
Florencia Gil Rodríguez, Buenos Aires, Argentina Visual Arts
Gabriel Rud, Buenos Aires, Argentina Visual Arts
Diego Taranto, Buenos Aires, Argentina Composer
Osías Yanov, Buenos Aires, Argentina Visual Arts


Daniel Ott
Alejandro Tantanian
Robyn Schulkowsky
Isabel Mundry
Carola Dürr


A Project of the Goethe Institute and the Munich Biennale - Festival for modern music theatre
In Cooperation with Maestría en Ópera Contemporánea de la Universidad  Nacional de Tres de Febrero, Panorama Sur y el Ciclo de Conciertos de Música Contemporánea del Teatro San Martín
with the support of Allianz Argentina

Plattform Lima 2015


Sergio Anchiraico, Performer/Video
Mario Ballón, Performer/Dancer
Dante del Águila, Performer
Carlos Delgado, Video
María Gil, Performer
Yemit Ledesma, Composer
Diego Molina, Painter
Mia Noel, Dancer
Andrés Salas, Performer
Pauchi Sassaki, Musician/Composer
Moyra Silva, Dancer
Juan Diego Tobalina, Painter
José Urteaga, Architecture
Alejandra Valera, Video/Dance
Alejandra Vieira, Dance
Karin Zielinski, Composer

Mentors & Partners

Carola Dürr
Daniel Ott

Goethe-Institut Lima

Plattform Rotterdam 2015


Aldeburgh Music / Independent Producer Deutsche Oper Berlin (Anne Oppermann)
Meta Theater (Axel Tangerding)
Beth Morrison Projects (Beth Morrison)
Cryptic (Cathie Boyd)
Eclat (Christine Fischer)
Independant Festival Curator / Kunstraum für Bewegte Ideen (Cis Bierinckx)
Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione / RITM (Cosetta Niccholini)
Münchener Biennale (Daniel Ott)
Roma Europa (Fabrizio Grifasi)
Maison des Arts de Creteil (Fanny Bertin)
Musiktheatertage Wien (Georg Steker)
LOD (Hans Bruneel)
English Touring Opera (James Conway)
Ruhr Triennale (Jan Vandenhouwe)
Kunstenpunt (Joris Janssen)
Consultant en stratégie (Laurent Langlois)
Radar Festival (Manuela Sarkyssian)
Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord / RITM (Mickaël Godard)
Nouveau Théâtre Montreuil (Pierre Gendronneau)
TransparantDirecto, Curator, Programmer (Tom Creed)
Scène Nationale Arras-Douai (Aude Tortuyaux)

Plattform Starnberger See 2015


Nicolas Kuhn, Composer
Anna Maria Münzner, Stage design
Miika Hyytiäinen, Composer
Babylonia Constantinides, Stage design/Media

Mentors & Partners

Daniel Ott
Manos Tsangaris

Villa Waldberta
Haus Buchenried der Münchner Volkshochschule

Plattform Munich 2015/2016


Saskia Bladt, Composer
Kaj Duncan David, Composer
Hanna Eimermacher, Composer
Sarah Hoemske, Stage and costume design
Marie Holzer, Stage design
Calle de Hoog, Stage design
Clara Iannotta, Composer
Georgia Koumara, Composer
Anna Lugmeier, Stage design
Frederik Neyrinck, Composer

Mentors & Partners

Daniel Ott
Manos Tsangaris
Marion Hirte
Robyn Schulkowsky
Penelope Wehrli
Christine Fischer

Musik der Jahrhunderte

Plattform Hongkong 2016

Curatorial Team / Mentor's Team

Kung Chi-shing, West Kowloon Cultural District Authority
Manos Tsangaris, Munich Biennial for New Music Theatre, co-director
Isabel Mundry, Zurich University of the Arts, prof. for composition
Nuria Krämer, Connecting Spaces Hong Kong – Zurich (only Hong Kong platform)
Patrick Müller, Connecting Spaces Hong Kong – Zurich
Michael Simon, Zurich University of the Arts, prof. for stage design (only Zurich platform)
N.N., dramaturgy Munich Biennial (only Hong Kong platform II)


Munich Biennial for New Music Theatre
West Kowloon Cultural District Authority
Connecting Spaces Hong Kong – Zurich / Zurich University of the Arts
Goethe-Institut Hong Kong

West Kowloon Cultural District Authority

The West Kowloon Cultural District Authority is a statutory body established by the Hong Kong SAR Government in 2008 under the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority Ordinance (Cap. 601), responsible for developing the West Kowloon Cultural District. Governed by the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority Ordinance and the Board, and led by an executive team comprising experts from different sectors, our vision is to build a vibrant cultural quarter for the city, dedicated to bringing together local and international artists and audiences to be inspired and to celebrate the arts. We aim to build a vital platform for young, emerging and established artists to experiment, create and collaborate; a place where people of all backgrounds come to explore, participate and be stimulated; and a home for imaginative world-class exhibitions, performances and other cultural events to take place. To facilitate the development of the district, a number of committees specialising in different areas, were established by the Board. A consultation panel was also setup to gather public views on matters related to the functions of Authority.

Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK)

Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) is a vibrant centre for teaching, research, and production excellence. While firmly anchored in Greater Zurich, our influence extends well beyond Switzerland to the wider international stage. We offer a broad range of degree programmes and further education courses in education, design, film, art & media, dance, theatre, and music. Closely interrelating teaching and research, we provide an ideal setting for transdisciplinary projects. Committed to bridging higher education, professional practice, and the interests of the wider public, we showcase the work and achievements of our staff and students in our own exhibition spaces, theatres, and various dance and concert halls. Our Theatre of the Arts presents cutting-edge student productions, our concert halls are home to concerts almost every day, and the Mehrspur Music Club offers a wide variety of pop and jazz concerts. Our affiliated museums—the Museum of Design and the Bellerive Museum—present a rich array of acclaimed art and design exhibitions. Hosting over 600 events each year, we make a significant contribution to cultural life in the city and region of Zurich.

Connecting Spaces Hong Kong – Zurich

Connecting Spaces Hong Kong – Zurich is a transdisciplinary and transcultural project, an initiative by Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK). Its two principal objectives are to explore perspectives and opportunities for cooperation between Hong Kong and Zurich and to consider the future of arts universities in the globalized twenty-first century. Connecting Spaces rests firmly on the principle of cooperation. It aims to stimulate mutual exchange between Hong Kong and Zurich on the level of concrete cultural practices.
Connecting Spaces is a hub and an exploratory platform for collaborative projects between Zurich University of the Arts and various institutions in Hong Kong. At ZHdK, Connecting Spaces involves staff and students and investigates various teaching, production, and research formats. In Hong Kong, the project addresses actors from different  educational and cultural institutions. Connecting Spaces is aimed at stable cooperation and at firmly established curricular elements with distinct thematic focuses. Connecting Spaces is an exploratory try-out project that brings together and fosters:
-         Communication and exchange between local and global creative  perspectives;
-         Collaborative projects and transdisciplinary approaches;
-         Interconnecting physical spaces to create a positive atmosphere for discourse, research, and creative production.

Plattform Athen 2016


Olga Evangelidou
Erie Dimitriadi
Natasa Efstathiadi
Anastasia Valsamaki
Eva Papadopoulos
Nikoletta Sofia
Sofia Kondylia
Nikos Kalivas
Konstantinos Velenis
Mihalis Paraskakis
Maria Karamouza
Giorgos Poulios
Stefanos Siminelakis
Anastasia Chintzoglou
Eleni Efthymiou
Antigoni Theodorou
Leonidas Giannakopoulos


Zafos Xaforaris
Aggeliki Stelatou
Lenio Liatsou
Dimitris Kamarotos
Mihael Marmarinos


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