Bathtub Memory Project

A production of the Munich Biennale in coproduction with thee Onassis Cultural Center – Athens
In collaboration with the Goethe Institute Athens and the Allianz Cultural Foundation

Composition: Eleftherios Veniadis; Direction: Eleni Efthymiou; video: Leonidas Giannakopoulos; stage design: Natasa Efstathiadi; Video Illustrator: Vassilis Selimas

With: Maria Karamouza (soprano), Eleni Efthymiou (soprano), Athanassia Teliou (viola da gamba)

What do childhood memories mean to you? How far does this memory feel to you? Would you like to immerse yourself once again for a few minutes in a space of memory and recollect such a personal remembrance of innocence and safety?

Have you ever watched a show in your swimsuit?

Bathtub Memory Project was created by 5 artists with different artistic backgrounds aiming to create a personal moment for the spectator - an artistic venture where music, image and the overall mood of the installation give the spectator the opportunity to have a complete sensory experience. In a world moving fast, in an adults' world we invite the spectator to come on his own and let himself go for a few moments to a place where time expands and childhood finds room to grow again and give birth to new associations hopes and dreams.

The performance is exclusively addressed to only one spectator at a time. One has to book in advance in order to participate and bring a swimsuit as he will lie in a bathtub filled with warm water during the performance.

Eleftherios Veniadis composition

Eleftherios Veniadis (b. 1977) comes from the Greek island of Chios, and he studied music theory as well as acting in Athens. Following diverse engagements as an actor he came to Germany in 2005 to study composition. He completed his composition studies at the Berlin University of the Arts, graduating with honors; he continued his studies at the Hochschule für Musik Carl Maria von Weber Dresden. Among the professors he studied under were Helmut Zapf; Daniel Ott; Manos Tsangaris; and Hartmut Fladt. He has received various scholarships and awards (Greek Composers' Union; Franz Grothe Foundation; Pateras Foundation; NaFöG-Berlin; First Opera Prize, Neuköllner Oper and GASAG), and his works have been performed at various festivals (Klangwerkstatt Berlin; Randspiele Zepernick; Stuttgart; Lübeck; Biennale New Talents Köln; Hellenic Festival; Höyhentämo [Pluckhouse]; and Helsinki, among others). He still works as an actor. His full-length music theater piece "Miranda" was performed on Chios and in Berlin.

Eleni Efthymiou director

Eleni Efthymiou works as a director, performer and singer. She studied theatre directing and acting at the Department of Theatre, School of Fine Arts, in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and classical singing as a student of mezzo soprano Rossitza Troeva. She is in favour of an idea of theatre as an ongoing, everlasting investigation of the connection between human condition and society. Interested in creating an acoustic environment that evokes the principal themes of each play, she works primarily with the medium of sound. She makes use either of contemporary music and familiar songs or of original music themes usually composed by herself. So, moving between the aesthetics of art, cinema, documentary and fiction, she imaginatively invents a new language of theatre. At the same time, she focuses on the inspiring exploration of the coexistence of representation, space, body and identity.

Leonidas Giannakopoulos video

Leonidas Giannakopoulos was born in Hania Crete in 1983. He studied in the School of fine arts of Athens from 2004 to 2011 printmaiking, drawing and painting. He lives and works in Athens. special award: 2009. Special award from Yiannis Spiropoulos Foundation workshops: 2017. Onassis Cultural Center Workshop for the new music theatre biennale of Munich 2018.OCC, Athens 2016. Mural project for the 3rd International Conference in Heritage Initiative for Concervation, Elefsina 2016. Rowaq 6th art dialgue: Rowaq Al-Balqa Gallery, Jordan Other working activities: 2017. Design and drawings for video projection for the theatrical play "MOMO" .National theatre of Greece artist residency: 2017. Kooshk residency.Tehran,Iran solo exhibitions: 2017. "King in the mist". mural presentation at Mohsen gallery.Tehran,Iran. 2017. "Sky voyagers". Art -Athina 2017. Agathi-Kartalos Gallery Booth. Athens. 2016. Leonidas Giannakopoulos, Elika Gallery, Athens He also participated in many group exhibitions in Greece and abroad.

Natasa Efstathiadi stage design

Natasa Efstathiadi (born 1986) is an artist, living and working in Athens. She studied visual arts at the Athens School of Fine Arts, as well as woodmaking at the Sivitanidios technical school. Other occupations of hers include stage design and filmmaking. She has had many group exhibitions through the past years, as well as a solo exhibition in 2014 at CAN gallery, in Athens. She is also part of the art collective Arbit City, a group of 5 artists and friends interested in matters of the public space and the collective unconscious.

Vassilis Selimas Video Illustrator

Vassilis Selimas (b. 1983) is an artist based in Athens, Greece. He studied painting at the School of fine arts of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (2003-2008). He has had two solo exhibitions (2013, "Nostalgists", Thanassis Frissiras gallery and 2015, "Building 1", Vogiatzoglou Art Space) and he has participated in many group exhibitions. Ηis artwork has been acquired by various private collections in Greece and abroad. As an illustrator he has been awarded for his book "Nio, one little story" in 2016, at the EVGE awards. He also works as an animator. He lives and works in Athens.

Cast & credits

Composition: Eleftherios Veniadis

Direction: Eleni Efthymiou

video: Leonidas Giannakopoulos

stage design: Natasa Efstathiadi

Video Illustrator: Vassilis Selimas

With: Maria Karamouza (soprano), Eleni Efthymiou (soprano), Athanassia Teliou (viola da gamba)

Onassis Cultural Center Athen Goethe-Institut Athen Allianz Kulturstiftung


Maria Karamouza Singer

The soprano Maria Karamouza was born in Thessaloniki in 1991. She studied at Aristotelian University at the department of Forestry and Physical Environment's research. She possesses high degrees of elevated music studies and counterpoint. She participated at Europa Cantat festival of Hungary in Pécs and in other music festivals in Greece, as a student. She studied percussion with Loukas Metaxas and Dimitris Panagoulias. She has sitted in on plenty of classes and seminars of classical singing with teachers such us Philippe Forget, Aggelika Kathariou, Nafia Fiorou, etc. She sings traditional greek, south italian, african folk-traditional music, she runs her accapela group. She participated in opera studio, Skull of Yorick Productions, performed at operas "Il Tabarro", ''Suor Angelica '', "Dido & Aeneas", ''Carmen''. Moreover , she played at Sarantis Kassaras' opera ''Phillip and Alexander '' which was presented at Luxemburg and the Royal Theatre of Thessaloniki. Since 2015 she studies at the State Conservatory at the department of Monody with Nadia Fiorou as her tutor. She makes collaborations with percussion teams, rock bands, djs of electronic music, barock ensembles. She also juggles and enjoys festivals in nature.


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